Wednesday, January 23, 2013

writing is like.

writing a song is like dating. you're not necessarily sure where it's going to go. there's a spark, a glimmer of a connection. there's flirting. you have some ideas & you throw them out there. you think you like it, you're not sure. you hang out with it a little, see where it goes. you try to steer it one way, and that feels right, for a while. but you don't necessarily have seems to want to go a different direction. so, depending on the connection, you follow that hunch, thinking maybe this will be it. maybe this will be the one. and sometimes it is. and sometimes it isn't. but sometimes it is.


  1. Trying to get published is like the dark side of that analogy: you send out signals, put your heart out in front of you and get shot down, over and over again!

    1. jim -- i'm just seeing this today, in october! well, looks like you've got 9 lives, now that you'll be published! cheers to you.